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New Release!

Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: A Fantasy Western Anthology
Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: A Fantasy Western Anthology – Order Here!

Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: A Fantasy Western Anthology releases to ebook March 15 and to print on March 31 in trade paperback! Hardcover edition will be available June 4. Check out the link to learn more!

Who We Are

Aradia Publishing is a brand-new SFF and Neo-Pagan micropress that aspires to combine the best of traditional and modern self-publishing and small-press models. We’re a small group of people with a vision. Our philosophy is centered in the idea that publishing should not be the pursuit of the wealthy. To that end, we try to blend the professionalism of traditional publishing with the cheerful collectivism of the indie publishing world. We aim to create a space for ideas that aren’t carbon copies of the latest bestseller. We want the weird, the experimental, and the liminal. We want pulp fiction without the problematic tropes. We want genre-benders and genre-blenders that are difficult to classify. We want to offer our readers something they likely won’t get anywhere else. Above all, what we’re looking for is a good story that transports the reader and carries them away, whatever form that takes.


We view Crowdpublishing as a third path that balances indie and traditional publishing aspects. We fund our works primarily through Kickstarter and Patreon campaigns. We believe this puts the power in our readers’ hands — you fund the projects you want to see! Here’s an article that I wrote about it for Cat Rambo’s blog, Diane Morrison Discusses Crowdpublishing.

Digital Rights Management

We do NOT apply Digital Rights Management to our digital titles. We believe that it doesn’t serve the purpose that it purports to, and that all it does is potentially deprive readers of a book they’ve already paid for. If you want to read more about why we feel this is the right decision, I wrote an article about that too at my Patheos multifaith blog.


Aradia distributes through Ingram. Our books are available on most major platforms and bookstores in ebook or print form. Of course, you can always order direct from us too!

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