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Book Trailer Drop: Gunsmoke & Dragonfire #8!

Diane Morrison

Happy Saturday! I was so deep in editing the final proof yesterday that I almost forgot it was Book Trailer Drop day! It’s the last book trailer drop before Release Day, March 15, and there’s one book trailer left, to be released on the day! This one concentrates on some of the most “western” of our fantasy western stories: Inheritance by Ethan Hedman, A Different Kind of Law by Eric S. Fomley, and El Diablo de Paseo Grande by Milo James Fowler.

For a day or two more, you can get the book on Kindle for somewhat less than the full price: only $4.99! Pre-order Gunsmoke & Dragonfire here.

Watch the full list of book trailers so far HERE.

Check out the playlist of all the Kickstarter videos, including book trailers and author interviews, HERE.

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