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Storycast Rob Reads “Lonesome” from Gunsmoke & Dragonfire

Diane Morrison

I’ve been awaiting this excitedly, and it’s here! Storycast Rob (Rob Edwards) read one of Gunsmoke & Dragonfire’s stories, “Lonesome” by Carrie Gessner, on his podcast! Check it out here! I think it was amazing. (Just for fun, feel free to check out my livetweet thread about it.) And then, if you’re so moved, support the Kickstarter at the link below!

Also, just a reminder that we have handbound copies of Gunsmoke & Dragonfire available as higher-tier rewards for this, the last week of the Kickstarter, only! Claire Ryan will be making them, and she kindly provides us with a blog post to show us how she does it so you can get an idea of what to expect! (Disclaimer: our books will be a lot bigger!)

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