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William Shakespeare’s Dune by G. Scott Huggins

Diane Morrison

G. Scott Huggins, one of the contributing authors to the upcoming Gunsmoke & Dragonfire anthology, has been working on a blog project that I can’t help but love! Check out William Shakespeare’s Dune, which, as Scott puts it, is”an effort to meld two of my great loves from my youth: the Bard of Avon and the Bard of Arrakis.” Scott updates this amazing project one scene at a time on Mondays.

Act I, Scene i. The Castle Caladan

Paul Atreides’ Bedroom
Paul Atreides lies on his bed, asleep.
Lady Jessica and Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam

REV: Is not he weak and paltry for his age?

JES: Your Reverence, it is no cause for concern.
Th’ Atreides often stunt their early growth.

REV: Yet he hath grown already fifteen years?

JES: Aye.

REV:                         He’s awake and listens to us now,
The slyness of a spider shall he…

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