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Gunsmoke & Dragonfire is Getting Attention

We’re pleased to announce that Gunsmoke & Dragonfire is getting attention in the SFF community media!

Respected SFF website io9 included us in their list of books to watch out for in March.

We made the list on Fantastic Fiction, a respected website where booksellers go to research the books their clientele are interested in.

And Storycast Rob read “Red Tide Rising” by Sara Codair, one of the stories we feature in Gunsmoke & Dragonfire, on his podcast yesterday.

We’d like to thank all of these excellent websites for mentioning us, and in particular, Rob Edwards for reading from our book! You can also catch his reading of “Lonesome” by Carrie Gessner from Gunsmoke & Dragonfire here.

Once again, you can get Gunsmoke & Dragonfire for your Kindle here. Keep an eye on this space for wide and print release information.

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