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Editing Services

We have a small staff of editors (read: two) who are available to assist you with your writing projects! Because we are relatively new and still establishing our reputation, you’ll find our rates very competitive. In fiction, we specialize in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all forms of speculative fiction, and we also have some experience with crime/mystery and westerns. In non-fiction, we are skilled in handling blogging, editorial journalism, speech-writing, and liturgical writing in Christian and Neo-Pagan traditions.

Please contact us for a sample edit (one page) or referrals.

Our Rates

All rates in Canadian dollars

Proofreading1 cent / word
Basic Copyediting 1 cent / word
Heavy Copyediting 2 cents / word
Substantive or Line Editing3 cents / word
Developmental and Content Editing 3 cents / word
Transcription $1 per audio minute
Indexing$5 per index page
Manuscript Evaluation $10 per hour
Fact Checking / Researching $20 per hour
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