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Aradia publishes primarily speculative fiction and Neo-Pagan anthologies in a theme that fits our mandate, with occasional publications from singular authors.

Next Submission Window Opens May 1

Our next submission window begins in May 2019. Our theme is cryptids and kaiju! Tell us your monster stories! Submission details will be posted soon.

Fall Submission Window Opens September 1

Our fall submission window will open in September 2019. Our intended theme is Sword & Planet / PlanetaryRomance / Fantasy SpaceOpera.

Submission Guidelines

Aradia Publishing produces collaborative projects in which each contributor (writer, editor, etc.) receives one share of profits, if any.  Contributors are encouraged to make best use of their collective resources for marketing (social media, blog, YouTube channel, author promotionals, podcasts, etc.) but no one is expected to contribute any specific resource. THERE IS NO READING FEE.

I welcome submissions from marginalized voices and writers of all income and experience levels. Please let me know in your Cover Letter if you fall into any marginalized groups.

I look for NON-exclusive ebook and print rights. Reprints for anthologies are welcome.

Please submit, if at all possible, in the standard William Shunn manuscript format. I prefer submissions in .doc or .docx but will accept .txt and .rtf if I must as well.  Submissions should be in English, but I’m not concerned whether that’s American, Canadian, Australian, UK, or other.

Indie writers: Be aware that your work will be edited. There is an industry standard in this practice: I will send you the edit, and you can approve or decline any changes. You will send it back for a second pass and then I will return it with a second edit. A final proof will also be made available for your confirmation. Either one of us may withdraw from our agreement to publish together at any time during this process. I edit according to Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.

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